3 records that have had a good spin

by Tom

We listen to a lot of music here at Daughter HQ so to pull out three records is tough. But these are three that’ve had more than their fair share of airtime…

Are we there – Sharon Van Etten

Her fourth record and a beauty. It’s delicate, moody and has a lovely pace to it all. I really love the vulnerability of her vocals. We’ve had some smashing sing-alongs to this (though best kept within these four walls).

Here’s a great live version of the opener Afraid of nothing.

Lost in the Dream – War on Drugs

What record, we really hammered this one in the studio. Great to drive and work to. I got to see them play one of the most enjoyable live shows I’ve ever seen at Brixton in 2015. The set was lit incredibly beautifully and the band were superb.

Here’s Under the pressure. Check out the white panels they light around the back of the stage - such a simple idea but brilliantly used.

Curve of the earth – Mystery Jets

‘But the edge is where all the sparks fly, when the wheel spins‘. The whole album is packed with ideas from start to finish – they’re totally unique in the UK music scene and their longevity is amazing (this is their sixth album).

We saw them play in Reading last year and it was such a fun show. It felt like neither the crowd nor the band could quite believe how good the atmosphere was for an average Thursday night in Reading.

For your listening pleasure here’s Telomere.

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