Run, don’t walk.

Sprints & Workshops

Our Sprints and Workshops are designed to help you make quick decisions that lead to real progress.

Design Sprints

A design sprint will enable you to solve a frustrating challenge, get a new idea up and running or make quick improvements to an existing product. In just four days we’ll work with you and your decision-making team to articulate the most pressing problem, explore a range of solutions and then create a prototype to be tested.


  • Validate your ideas through user-centred feedback 
  • Understand if an idea is worth investment 
  • Align your team with a clear decision making process
  • Generate multiple solutions in a short space of time 
  • Get to quick decisions, together

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When a design sprint isn’t the right solution, we offer smaller more tailored workshop scenarios. We bring key members of your team together to build understanding and sketch solutions. Having an outside perspective asking the right questions can often lead to making connections to things that aren’t always visible.

Stand alone, or as part of a bigger project, these tailored interactive and fun sessions build momentum and lead to insights that in the end create more meaningful outcomes.

Useful for:

  • Brand and purpose discovery
  • Digital audits
  • Analytics review
  • Content strategy
  • Customer Personas
  • User stories and user journey mapping

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