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Keep Britain Working

Rapid ideation to quickly launch a national campaign at the start of a pandemic

The challenge?

Rapidly align stakeholders around key challenges and ideate solutions together


Design Sprint

So what?

Stakeholder alignment, team collaboration and plenty of solutions generated

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When the pandemic first hit, job security was a primary concern for the nation and so the #keepbritainworking campaign was launched, spearheaded by the recruitment company Reed. The initial aim of the campaign was to preserve jobs and protect livelihoods.

Like many of us, we wanted to look outward and help in any way we could. Through some previous connections, we found ourselves volunteering our digital expertise to help kick-start the #keepbritainworking campaign.

Our role was a short burst of collaboration as we gave some input at the very early stages to help define the problem, ideate some solutions, and get something off the ground quickly.

Alignment and rapid ideation

On situations like these the Design Sprint is our go-to process, but speed was paramount, and nobody had a clear week in their diary to give over to a design sprint. This was a more chaotic and time sensitive moment so we designed a bespoke ideation workshop to get the team where they needed to be in just an afternoon. This was a key activity to align the key stakeholders around the problem and quickly explore some solutions in a rapidly changing environment.


Coming out of the afternoon lightning sprint, the key stakeholders were aligned around the key challenges and there were a number of solutions sketched out to keep things moving in a positive and helpful way. Getting that early momentum and having a process to facilitate some quick meaningful decision making enabled the team to make the progress they needed in the available time frame. April 2020 was a month no one will be forgetting in a hurry and we were glad to have been able to throw our hand to the wheel in a small way.