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Optimising the home buying experience

The challenge?

Further engage a vast customer base and optimise the home buying experience


Design Sprint

So what?

A clear understanding around types, time and frequency of customer communication and the potential value of a digital communication tool to support that experience.

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As part of our five year anniversary celebrations, we launched a competition to give away a Design Sprint to the local business community. We had a handful of entries and Haslams came out on top with a compelling pitch that was perfectly suited to running a Design Sprint.


Despite having some of the most jaw-droppingly cool offices in Reading, the team opted to move off site to double-down on the process. By removing all distractions the senior leadership team gathered to roll up their sleeves and throw themselves into exploring the potential they felt was at their fingertips. We consistently hear from people who’ve attended a sprint that part of what makes them so successful is that the process enables a level of focus that’s so hard to find when in the day-to-day of running a business.

What’s always a pleasure to see and experience is how no matter what background, industry, and ways of working people have, the design sprint is an inclusive process that draws the best out of everyone. It’s brilliant to see a group of individuals bring their different perspectives to a problem and come out the other end, energised, aligned and motivated for task ahead.

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The challenge

If you’ve experienced the home buying process either as a buyer or a seller, you’ll know it can be a frustrating and complex process that can take months. Haslams pride themselves on their expertise and experience in making that process as smooth as possible.

The most poignant theme that emerged early on in the process was just how disorientating it is for buyers and sellers in the process. As a major life event there are so many different stages, dependencies and unknowns that can lead to frustration and stress. That experience directly affects the perceived experience and effectiveness of the agent in that process.

The goals for the sprint centred on buyer and seller retention, particularly for second purchases. The team were interested in how they could further leverage their vast experience and engage more with their audience.

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The learning

There were a number of points that the prototype and user interviews aimed to provide insight on, all of which touched points in either the residential buying or selling experience. The prototype became more of a pitch to gauge reaction to a number of practical ideas along that customer journey including frequency of communication and what content (if any) would be useful pre, during and post completion.

One key idea presented was a digital product that would provide a central hub of communication to support customers throughout the process.

What the team learnt was a mixture of validation for what they’re already doing, so more of the same, and some much needed clarity over some marketing and sales strategies.


Haslams gained some very clear insight into the type of relationship people want to have with their estate agent, and the clear potential there is in a digital product that would support their customers through the buying and selling process.